Pumping Solutions' Timeline


Company Founded

David Thorley, founder of Pumping Solutions, has been working in the industry from the age of 16 and has a real passion for what he does. In 1999, with a wealth of experience behind him, he set up the business with his wife, Sharon, targeting commercial sector initially, before growing into the domestic sector after a couple of years.


1st Employee Outside of The Family

After 3 years of running the company with just family members, Pumping Solutions employed a new member of staff from outside of the family, continuing to expand the business.


1st New Service Vehicle

In 2003, after 4 years of building and growing the business, Pumping Solutions got its first new service vehicle. This enabled the continued growth of the servicing side of the business.


Now a Limited Company

In 2004, Pumping Solutions made the decision to become a Limited company after turnover continued to grow year-on-year. Along with the increase of turnover, our knowledge, customer support, equipment and more also increased!


Largest Sewage Treatment Plant Installed

In 2005 Pumping Solutions underwent a very large project of designing and installing the large sewage treatment plant we’d ever done. You can find a case study of this project here.


Purchased Own Premises

As continued growth and success happened, we eventually had to move out of our existing premised to move into a bigger property, which we purchased in 2010.


1st Service Partnership Signed

A big moment in the company’s history was signing an EXCLUSIVE UK WIDE service partnership deal with DAB, a large supplier of water technology and parts.


Largest Ever Order Signed

After 16 years of growth and expansion, Pumping Solutions signed their biggest ever order… to help design and build the World’s LARGEST surf park in Wales – Surf Snowdonia. Today, we have the capacity to deal with contracts of anywhere up to £250k.