Servicing & Maintenance

Keeping your system running is essential – whether you’ve got water features as an integral part of an outdoor garden area, or you’re running a drinking water pump or sewage treatment system. We provide comprehensive support and servicing to ensure your systems are always running efficiently, effectively and reliably.

As well as being able to schedule appointments, our servicing team also operate an emergency service. This means that, should an essential system stop working and require repair or part replacement then we can respond quickly; to utilise our emergency call-out get in touch on 01775 711 960 or

Ongoing Maintenance Contracts Available

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Regular maintenance of your pumping systems and equipment is absolutely essential, ensuring:

  • Consistent & reliable operation
  • Hygienic & effective systems
  • Lower chance of expensive breakdowns
  • Extended life of pumping system

We can work with you to schedule regular maintenance of your pumping systems; to arrange your contract, simply fill in our online contact form by clicking here or contacting us on 01775 711 960 or and we’ll take care of the rest.

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