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Water Pump Installers

water pumpOur water pump installation teams operate to the highest standards, no matter how big or small the installation. We frequently install pumping systems that we have designed and procured so that installation is just one step in a trouble-free project for the customer. We have 35 years of experience as a water pump installer across the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors. We also install many different kinds of pumps, from water boosters to sewage pumps, to sumps, to water features, to borehole pumps. Our incredibly diverse experience means that we can rapidly overcome any challenges that we meet during installation.

We ensure that we have accurately surveyed your site and resolved any possible issues before we arrive on-site to carry out a project such as water pump installation.

Specialist Installations

Customers who have access to a natural water source underground, frequently request the installation of a borehole pump. This is a narrow shaft that is drilled into the ground to access the water source. A pump can be installed to provide water around the clock. Because rainwater is free of microorganisms, these installations are often used to pump water for agricultural and construction uses. However, this is an expert installation job – just one of the many which our professional installation team can carry out quickly and efficiently.

Sump pump installation is another specialist job for a water pump installer. Sumps are generally used where a building’s basement is below the water table and is therefore prone to flooding or damp. Sump pump installation is a cost-effective way to deal with this problem.

Safe Contractor

SafeContractor ApprovedWe are “Safe Contractor” approved, so using us reduces the risk of any project that we undertake. With a wealth of experience working across the UK, we can promise a professional, reliable and cost-effective installation service.

To discuss your pump installation please call our team on 01775 711960 and arrange your survey.

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