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Water Treatment Across the UK

Boreholes and other naturally occurring water sources can be an excellent resource for businesses and homeowners seeking to use a reliable cheap source of water. However, being off the grid and sourcing your own water does present its own challenges, particularly where bacteria and contaminants are present which means you may need nitrate remover to fix these issues. Fortunately, the team at Pumping Solutions can help.

Pumping Solutions have been offering water treatment & nitrate remover services across the UK for over 20 years. During this time we’ve amassed experience in a wide range of environments and treating a variety of contaminants.

You can learn a bit more about water softening in one of our blog posts ‘What is Water Softening & How Does it Work?’

Contaminants We Treat

Our team are able to treat almost any water contaminant, but we’ve included some of the most common applications below.

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Although having iron in your water is unlikely to have any adverse effects on health, it will affect the taste and appearance of your water. It is likely to taste metallic and will usually appear rusty.

Having iron in your water is more than an inconvenience as the red colour of the water can stain the things it comes into contact with, whether that be clothes, crockery or something else. As well as just staining things, the iron in the water can cause deposits to build up inside machinery, resulting in premature failure.

Iron stain


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Desalination is the process of treating water to remove salt and other minerals from water. Typically desalination refers to the process of turning seawater into freshwater. If you want to explore your options please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Water Softening

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Possibly one of the most common terms in water treatment is water softening. Hard water is water that contains calcium and magnesium ions. Hard water isn’t harmful to health, but it does impact the effectiveness of detergents and can also lead to buildups of limescale deposits. Water softening removes the calcium and magnesium ions, which means that you need to use fewer detergents, whilst also prolonging the life of appliances and equipment.

Water treating

Bacteria & Pathogens

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It is possible for natural water sources to become contaminated by bacteria and pathogens. This is why it’s important to test water sources for their presence. Drinking water that contains harmful bacteria and pathogens can lead to significant health conditions including vomiting, diarrhoea and serious diseases such as hepatitis.

The team at Pumping Solutions typically employs a UV disinfection system to treat water that is contaminated by bacteria and pathogens. Our team adhere to all European drinking water standards and legislations, including the European Drinking Water Directive (DWW).

Water purity


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Nitrates are naturally found in groundwater and are usually present in concentrations that pose no risk to health. However, it is possible for water sources to be contaminated with nitrates in a concentration that can prove problematic. Drinking water shouldn’t really have more than 10 mg/L, if there is more than this then nitrate removal will need to take place. The elderly and very young are those most at risk when drinking water that contains high levels of nitrates.

There are a number of ways to remove nitrates from water. Our team will be happy to discuss the most appropriate solution for you.

ground water stream


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When using a private water supply, it’s possible that you may have issues with sediment in the water. Sediment is a generic term for tiny particles that find their way into water supplies. Sediment can clog pipes and equipment, causing damage and downtime in the event of issues.


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