Borehole Pump Specialists

If you desire to have your own private water supply, that doesn’t rely on mains water providers, Pumping Solutions can help. Our team of borehole pump specialists can work with you to make the most of the natural resource that aquifers offer.

What is a Borehole?

A water borehole is a narrow pipe that is drilled into the ground, to a depth that allows it to access an underground water source, called an aquifer. A pump is then used to draw water up to the surface. The borehole can pump can run all of the time, or it can feed tanks to store water for later consumption.

Can Anyone Have a Borehole?

The simple answer is no. The geological composition of your area will dictate whether you are likely to have aquifers near you. At Pumping Solutions, we consult local records to give you an indication of whether a borehole is viable for you.

Do You Need a Licence?

At the time of writing, you do not need a license if you are drawing up to 20m³ (20,000 litres) of water per day. Where usage exceeds this, a water abstraction licence must be applied for. Pumping Solutions are able to offer some advice and guidance on these applications.

Who Can Benefit From a Borehole?

Boreholes typically offer more benefits to commercial projects, including construction, commercial and agricultural. However, there are some instances where boreholes are viable for domestic users. The specialists at Pumping Solutions are able to offer guidance on their viability for you.

Borehole Pump Installation

Our team don’t simply install pump systems off the shelf, they design your borehole pump system to your requirements. We partner with local companies to drill the boreholes themselves. Once the borehole has been drilled, we install the pump and all of the peripherals to ensure that they meet your required flow, ensuring you have the water you need.

Although we’re based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, we install borehole pumps across the UK. As well as UK wide installations, we also offer a comprehensive maintenance service to ensure that any issues you encounter as your pump ages are rectified promptly. This is particularly important when your borehole is used to supply livestock and crops with water.

Request a Water Borehole Pump Survey

Pumping Solutions is a family-run company with over 35 years of experience. Our team have the knowledge and experience to guide you through every aspect of water borehole pump installation and maintenance. Contact us to discuss the viability of your borehole and to arrange a survey on 01775 711960.

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